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The following price system was established solely as a guide to better inform you of your approximate cost. Prices vary depending on your individual needs. If you would like a free estimate, please fill out our free quote form. Prices below are listed in United States Dollars.
Web Design: 
1 page total *
2-5 page total *
6-14 page total *
15-30 page total *
31-50 page total *
51+ page total *
$ 90/page
$ 80/page
$ 70/page
Graphic Design:  
       Custom graphics, web graphics, banner ads, flyers,                 brochures, matching cards, and more! 
Every web site needs to be hosted on a web server. Oregon Outback offers hosting with a minimum web space starting at 
25 MB. Contact me for more info. Personal pages start @ $150/yr. Business pages start @ $300/yr.
year upfront or $15/$30
Domain Names:    
A domain name is a specified name representing one or more Internet protocol (IP) addresses. An example would be, where "yourname" is what you specify. (If available)
We use GoDaddy. It is an ICAAN accredited domain registrar providing top quality services, multiple domain checking and registering capabilities, (up to 100 domains at a time), Current prices start at $12/yr.
Domain names linking to hosting/other URL: starting @
Search Engine Submission:  
      Submission to the top 6 search engines.Renewable yearly!
$30 per
Web Site Maintenance:   
      Web site maintenance at my computer
Web Site Updates:   
      Updates to your web site. Limit 5 graphics per month.
Pages or links added later:
*including graphic design & editing
**unless otherwise negotiated

Disclaimer......Prices may change without notice!
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"Good Faith" deposit before start of project